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February 8, 2010

I knew that the Tebow ad would air, and that I’d be annoyed.  I knew other advertisements might bug me.  I did not expect (dumbly, I suppose?) that the majority of them would drive me crazy with this apparent man-revolution against the “oppression” women have created against them.

Wear the pants.  Avoid talking to your nagging, shopping girlfriend.  Men hate carrying chapstick.  Men hate putting down toilet seats (and the task is so much easier for women if they aren’t responsible for said action?) Men hate feelings.  Men need big cars to be powerful because it’s the only realm of power they have left.

And guys who don’t want to be that image of a “real man” who can “wear the pants” after caterwauling in his underwear?  Tough luck, cause society has rules and you are bound by them, too.

Except that they control major industry and are the ones writing these ads.  Here’s the kicker- that image of nagging girlfriend/wife and poooor stunted man lifestyle with a twist of humor to it? Mostly from comedies written by men who still control the majority of the television and film industries along with most everything else.

Here’s to another year of misogyny and over-enforced gender norms.  Maybe next year it will be different? Or maybe we can continue with irrelevant, over sexualized commercials like GoDaddy’s masterpiece.  Domain names? Let’s just have women flash tank tops at a racecar driver. ( She’s a girl, so what other kind of ad could they put her in? Duh.)

Oh and who could forget the sexualized babies for etrade? And the milkaholic baby girl… are we really going to slut shame infants now?


CBS, Really?

February 3, 2010

Friedman on CBS’ Running of an Anti Choice Ad on Superbowl Sunday: “The Second Sex at the Superbowl”
CBS continues to defend its right to air this commercial that purports women should “choose life” because they could risk aborting trophy winners. They neglect to address the difference between the choice to attempt to continue a wanted pregnancy and the problem of facing an unwanted pregnancy. There is no “choice” in this choose life ad if women who choose to terminate a pregnancy are vilified for hurting the world of sports. (And what are the odds a child will grow up to be a criminal versus a star football player? Do the math. The defense of “potential” life is one way to snuff out a woman’s potential to make her own decision.)

While CBS will continue with an ad attempting to stop the performance of a legal, medical procedure, despite its stance that it doesn’t do controversial issues… they continue to refuse to air gay dating ads or anything that might shock the “mainstream.”

About 1/3 of women will have an abortion in her lifetime. Yet CBS thinks that “choose life” is the alltime norm and allows “Focus on the Family” run its campaign. (Let’s not forget their anti-gay activism while we consider this.)

So don’t pretend to play impartial by refusing to air certain ads, CBS, because you’re feeding everyone a whole lot of BS.