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Health Care

March 21, 2010

Leaving out any opinion of weather health care reform is on the right track or not… I want to point out that I can’t support it as long as it comes with further restrictions, tying women to a status quo where only those who can afford abortions will be able to get them.

Abortion may remain legal, but so called pro-life groups put women’s lives and livelihoods at risk every day as they work to make abortion more difficult to access, more expensive to obtain.  They try to shame women into giving up their rights, to tell women what to do with their bodies, to make others’ decisions for them.  They harass workers and patients at clinics.  They murder doctors and commit terrorist acts at clinics, yet they are for the good?

Quit shouting “Choose Life” when you are making it clear women don’t have a choice. Quit treating a legal medical procedure as a special exception to health care and reform.  Doctors are in the business of medicine, not religious zealots, not bigoted politicians.

I’m so disappointed in our government right now when I see a deal like this on the horizon that will undermine women further.



November 8, 2009

This Stupak amendment has me furious.  When will we stop shoving women’s healthcare and women’s rights aside. Why can’t religion take its nose out of politics and out of my uterus too?  Sure, abortion is still a legal, medical procedure. They haven’t outlawed it, and won’t by introducing this amendment that outlaws any govt funding through insurance for abortion.  What happened to comprehensive healthcare. First the govt gets to decide how people pay? And now they get to say what kind of treatment you can have? Why aren’t other procedures or medicines under attack: viagra, invitro,  lung cancer treatment for smokers (after all, they asked for it right), liver treatment for alcoholics? Oh, wait, I forgot pregnancy isn’t a real medical condition of any sort.

So rich women will still be able to get abortions. Poor women who rely on any govt funding or who just cant afford anything else won’t. I’ve read that you could still buy separate insurance coverage to cover abortions. Wtf? A completely different policy? and for how much more money?

I want fair comprehensive health care, which is supposed to be what reform is about, not a bunch of people working one step closer to eliminating access to women’s healthcare. In the meantime they arent pushing for better contraceptives or reproductive care.

I’m hopping mad.