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Wimpy, Wimpy Wimpy: Democrats Are Dithering On Issue Of Abortion

anti stupak [I recommend signing the Open Letter.]

When Actresses Turn Ugly [An article provided by CNN on how actresses get down and “dowdy” to win awards, calling their “after” pictures outright ugly and praising them as beautiful in the “dolled up” shots.  According to this writer, gaining 20lbs apparently means “trashing an enviable figure.” Way to suck, CNN.

Oh, and Stupak promises, “There will Be Hell To Pay” if people don’t support his amendment.  I, on the other hand, think there will be hell to pay if they don’t eliminate this because we cannot stand for this kind of ignorant, misogynistic legislation.

A Gathering Storm… A Political Lysistrata


Rejecting genre fiction vs growing up [“The attitude talked about here, where women will read books aimed at women OR men, whereas men refuse to even try books written by or marketed to women, is so common as to be systematic. Little girls will happily read books with a male or female narrator/main character; little boys want male leads. Women will respond to ads with voice-overs by men or by women; men will ignore ads voiced by women (unless it’s an extremely sultry voice implying super hotness in an ad for alcohol). Men will get quite shitty with and contradict their GPS navigation system when the voice is female. I am not kidding. They did a study or something.”]

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