Get Healthy?

Healthy EatingLately I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.   Part of this stems from my health concerns of late and all the doctors visits and the prognosis that probably I will always be kind of achy and tired but that I can fight it with diet and exercise, as well as medicine.  (I’m not a big fan of a lot of medicine, but I’m willing to try it. Still, it scares me to start having daily doses of this and that when I’m fairly young.  I’ll withhold judgment on said meds until I’ve actually tried them.)  In the meantime I do want to try to be healthier, but after playing with a meal planner while trying to write this blog I realized I’m not much of a meal planner.  I cook on impulse.  I  think about things I want to make at the grocery store, but don’t know what order I’ll eat them in.  I guess I just need to do some healthy shopping and take the time to cook meals regularly.  My weight and BMI are healthy so this is no weight loss/gain thing, just an “I want to stop feeling horrible” thing. Tips and recipes for tasty, healthy things to introduce to my cooking repertoire would be good though.


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