Really, reebok?

I’m a little bit proud, not of this commercial (for Reebok Easy Tone Shoes], but the fact that my boyfriend was the one to notice it first and point out how horrible it is.  Am I supposed to be amused that to this “camera guy” the woman in the advert is only a butt and nothing else about her matters. We don’t even need to hear here, just see butt + shoes… great combination.  I’m in no rush to pick up a pair of reeboks anytime soon.

[This commercial aired at about 3:00 today on the CW]

I know youtube comments are notoriously foul and stupid, but here are a few of my favorite responses to the ad:

illadelp28 (2 hours ago) 
She has no booty!!! WTF. They need to have…lets say…Serena Williams, now that booty is not only big but in shape.
VikingsDefenseFan (4 hours ago)
If I were Adam, she would be my Eve. I don’t care about her butt. My brain already had an orgasm at her stunning face and body. Mmmm…
So, we can claim her as our “eve”, we can critique her “b
ooty” or lack thereof and pick her apart, and the guy who argues:
If this commercial wasn’t promoting shoes that are supposedly going to give a woman a better butt I would agree with you. Since they are going through so much trouble to focus on the ass though they should give women something to truly aspire towards lol. A booty can be toned AND a little plump.
The “ass” debate goes on for ages, it seems, but the first page ends with this illuminating comment:
BIGBOY219900 (16 hours ago) Show Hide
yes there r better ones but i would still f*** her
I keep hearing the argument that women aren’t so objectified by the media, that they take pride in displaying their bodies in this manner, that this is what women want and are around for anyway.  You can argue that youtube commenters are often the lowest of the low and that trolls abound, but look at this, and try to tell me that this doesn’t reflect real conversations in society, real commentary, and the fact that everyone is so accepting of this disgusting objectification of human beings.
[The comment thread is here:
and I wouldn’t recommend looking at it for too long. I’ve only found one comment calling the commercial demeaning in the first twenty or thirty comments.  I’ve found a ton of disgusting ones including  a joke “I bet she got raped” after this. Um what? I wish sometimes people had to be responsible for what they wrote there. I’d love to just have a few moments to tell one of these people in person what I think…]

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2 Responses to “Really, reebok?”

  1. pernetteduguillet Says:

    A student in my women’s studies class just used this commercial as an example in her presentation on Women’s Fitness in the Media. Part of her argument was that women were delivered conflicting messages by the information and the image that went with it. These shoes are supposedly designed to “tone muscles” or something, but she and another girl were pretty excited about them (I think they said they were extra comfortable or efficient or secure or something, you know I don’t pay much attention to fitness stuff…) until the commercial came up. Part of their complaint was that the actress was supposed to display the muscular and toned body that the shoes are trying to sell, but that she was merely thin. Let me see if I can find you some of the others….

  2. Remember those Reebok shoes? « Clarkle Says:

    […] Remember those Reebok shoes? By M Remember those really offensive, sexist Reebok ads? […]

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