So I have secured a Rheumatologist appointment in a week or so and am arranging for my files to be sent over.  I’m also attempting to get a prescription of my latest sample medication and hoping that will help me.  The good news is that this is the quickest appointment turn around I have gotten in a while.  Thank goodness I’m still piggybacking off the family insurance thanks to my student-status or I would be very out of luck.  A lot of my friends have been losing their health insurance and it seems a really sticky spot to be in- too old to depend on your parents but too young to have a job with a good insurance policy if you are still in school.  And while most schools require/offer some medical coverage, it is not ideal and generally keeps them from going to a doctor unless “absolutely necessary.”  And dental? vision? ha, right.

I feel like this college age group gets forgotten a lot.  There is no real economic help coming for student loans while banks get giant bail outs.  The job market is a tough one, especially if you can’t afford a degree. OR you might have a degree and a job, but maybe it doesn’t pay enough to cover your monthly loan repayments.

Right now I am an unemployed student, not for lack of trying. This is the first time I’ve been jobless since about halfway through high school and I hate it.  No one here seems to be hiring and my BA feels laughable at the moment. I am overqualified to run a cash register or shelve things, and have experience in those areas…

All the jobs I did have, though? I paid taxes.  I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect more from a government that I have no choice but to invest in.

In the meantime it’s a lot of pennypinching:

-Keeping the lights off in the apartment (common electricity sense)

-Not running the heat or the AC ( So far I’ve done pretty well with this, but it’s starting to get colder out.  My apartment has old baseboard heating that I know will be ridiculous, but I’m not sure if a space heater is the way to go. I’ve added two blankets to the bed this week.)

-Eating what I have in the pantry and avoiding the grocery store until I can’t anymore

-Using online texts instead of buying books

-No “extras.” I don’t subscribe to cable, internet, or phone at home.





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