I want to make chocolate

This is a side-note sort of post.  I’ve been reading about all kinds of delicious chocolates in Joanne Harris’  The Girl With No Shadow (sequel to Chocolat). I desperately want to learn to make them… But just from reading these descriptions, I can tell that the hobby is an expensive one (granite slabs, copper cookware).  I’m looking for an easier, smaller-scale way to hop into this, and hopefully when I have a real house with more than a few inches of counter space…

More research to come.

NaNoWriMo update:

As far as wordcount goes it is 8:20 on Nov 1 and I have about 140 words… not a great start to my novel by any means, but I do at least have a few more ideas after the long drive home today.

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One Response to “I want to make chocolate”

  1. pernetteduguillet Says:

    You can make chocolate and candy from molds. There are usually a couple at the craft stores like Michaels and so forth. Also, truffles are supposed to be pretty easy to make; there are different recipes out there… And there is always fudge!

    I haven’t even got a word count yet, but I’ve started. Probably won’t get too much done for the next two days though. We’ll see if I have to radically rework my idea, since I can’t possibly lose time and words by starting over.

    Good luck!

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