Classroom Management

Today we did a presentation in an EDU Course on Classroom Management.  Most of it is the common sense stuff, though we did go over Kohlberg’s stages and talk about behavior/reward systems and so on.  I’m really not sure how I plan to use discipline in my future hypothetical classroom.  I’ve already decided yelling/screaming is out.  I’m just not that loud, and I think it’s an ineffective tool.  The hard part with studying all this and coming up with ideas is that I really won’t know what works for me and my kids until I’m actually in a school.  I just hope it’s a quick learning curve from that point on!  Maybe I’ll do a little more independent research into some ideas.  I’ve read that management also involves arranging the classroom effectively (teacher and student desks, etc…) and I’m curious enough that I want to look into that a little more.

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  1. mrsdmenopausemom Says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a good start! I have been teaching over 20 years now. My suggestion to you, is to get your hands on anything and everything you can re classroom management/discipline! It is a never ending problem and one that keeps evolving. I started with books such as Discipline with Dignity and Assertive Discipline. I have since branched out to even watch and read things from the Super Nanny and Dr. Phil. A classroom is like a family, so no matter what the age of the students, parenting tips often have some things that are very usable. You are so right, yelling is just a sign that you are out of control and has little effect. I can’t remember for sure the guys name, I think it is Henry or Hary Wong? If I get a chance, I’ll look it up and send it to you. In any case, his main idea is to teach procedures rather than rules. Having procedures for everything from handing in papers to getting tissue to blow your nose and practicing them cuts down on discipline problems. Just keep reading as much as you can about this area. I have found this is what really gives us all headaches! Good luck! I will add you to by blog list so I can find you again to give you that guys real name. Oh, you might look into TESA, it has been around for a long time, but is being used again, because it does work. Keep blogging!

  2. mrsdmenopausemom Says:

    It’s Harry Wong. Try to find the site Relections on the Theory and Practice of Education by Dr. Larry Creedon If you search classroom management you should be able to find it. His writing is a little dry, but he has listed lots of great sources for you to check out. Hope this helps.

  3. M Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to check him out and hopefully learn a thing or two. I like the idea of having procedures in place for everything.

  4. Effective Teachers « Clarkle Says:

    […] By M Awhile back I wrote a post about classroom management and received a comment recommending the work of Harry Wong, in particular.  Today on a “Free Book” table I […]

  5. lallison Says:

    Nice web site. Here is an interesting website on classroom management that might be helpful:

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