Objectification abounds…

I thought I’d write a little about this article entitled “3 Ways to ‘Size’ a Man up” from The Frisky today as a reminder of how, well, messed up, our society is, and how vapid a lot of the information we get from magazines or their websites is…  (Plus the Frisky is another mag turning out one thing after another that makes me cringe and wonder why CNN runs its stories. Guess it makes money?) It’s also a reminder that this kind of objectification and bad writing can hit everyone.

This article provides rather useless tips and unproven statistics about big hands and big cars, and big confidence too.  Don’t worry though, because it also links to several articles also focused on how much/if size matters. Thank goodness  for this one though – we all deserve a chance at judging someone’s naked body before we see it and well before we are trusted to be intimate in this manner.

This made me want to dig up an old article I’m 99.9% certain I read in Cosmo about how you should grope a guy to figure out his size…  I figured if it offended me enough that I still remember it, someone else must have seen that too, which is when I found several blogs quoting the article, though I can’t find the issue number (yet):

Scope a Guy’s Size.. Without Getting Busted

-Look up absentmindedly, pretending to try to remember something you’ve forgotten. Next, cross your arms, and put your head in your hand (it gives the illusion of deep thought) as you turn to spy on his package. Then glance away again, looking perplexed.

-While within 6 inches of him, slide your hand down as if you’re about to put it in your bag but accidentally graze his groin. Offer a casual “Oops, sorry!” if he seems taken aback.

The second one is the one that stuck in my mind.  I’m pretty sure nonconsensual groping is a no-no.  I’m pretty sure I’d be horrified if this happened to anyone. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be instructed by a magazine to sexually harass and molest fellow human beings.  I’m pretty sure any articles in this vein are shallow, inconsiderate, dehumanizing, and disgusting.  So let’s quit feeling people up without permission and stop pretending it’s okay to have such ridiculous expectations about potential partners. If you are vested in another human being, don’t feed me bs about how if he/she is just not “big enough” or “good enough” in some other bodily manner that that is the “dealbreaker.”

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