My latest medical adventures have left me with a referral to a rheumatologist. Now I just need to try to get an appointment in the next month or so… Keep in mind that my initial appointment was in August, and count from there to see how long it takes to get a medical diagnosis that will be based on a handful of appointments.  I have had two office visits and two separate rounds of blood work.  I have had a hemochromatosis scare, which would have meant my body just wasn’t breaking down iron and that I’d have to be bled regularly to avoid the iron levels damaging my organs. Turns out it was just a bad test, though part of me is still wondering if it would be better to just know the problem and easily solve it (through visits every few weeks for the rest of my life). Honestly I’m more relieved because I do not want that kind of medical schedule. We’ll find out if I’m right in my judgment later. The rheumatologist is supposed to be able to make the call on whether I have fibromyalgia syndrome, which is diagnosed by basically ruling out every other possible condition that could be causing me chronic fatigue and pain.

My family history and my doctor’s suggestions of possible PTSD set me up to fit into it nicely. So does the fact that there is nothing else wrong with me that any of these tests can find. (No rheumatoid arthritis, no liver condition, no kidney condition, no MS, no low iron levels, eventually no high iron levels…so we know nothing.)

New research indicates that people with fibromyalgia might have something miswired as far as pain receptors go- overloaded nerves that sense pain as a result of normal pressure or tension.  So, maybe it’s all in our heads, and I mean that literally, not metaphorically.  But of  course this is only a “correlation” for now in some studies, and a lot of doctors still don’t see it as a “real disease.”

I just hope that the next doctor gets it over with and decides.  I’m tired of piling up blood tests.  I’ve got great blood, in fact, which I donated back on Zombie weekend.

Mayo Clinic: Health: Fibromyalgia

One Response to “Fibromyalgia”

  1. danicngbarefoot Says:

    I need to go to the doctor too..and get all the same tests. Yuck. We are probably both fibro. My back has been even worse lately. =( I think I have joint problems too, although I suppose it could be from that anyway. How lame. Oh well, just more suffering so we can be real artists.

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