RenFest and the Walking Dead

This weekend kicked off Saturday morning with a Renaissance Festival. We saw some very talented acrobats, a falconer, and a few rounds of jousting (my olde state sport). I will say though, that I’d judge the MD RenFest to be superior to the NC RenFest… I know I may be biased, but Maryland boasts:
-Um the actual STATE SPORT of jousting. Plus more people participating when they have big horsemanship/jousting events.
-Cheesecake on a stick, which was no where to be found at this fair. 😦
-Shakespeare performances

What did this one have going for it?
-A shorter drive
-Easier escape from the parking lot
-Good coupons
-Mimosa stands, everywhere.
-A woman who tried to make me train my boyfriend to pick up handkerchiefs while displaying his bottom to all, and two men with her who gave me a napkin to demonstrate with… (For those interested, I practiced mercy, and I did not throw it. Because I know I would never be comfortable doing something of that nature.)

So after all that excitement, what was next?

She's got leg(s)

She's got leg(s)

Today I participated in the Charlotte Zombie Walk, a charity event that works to buy kids in hospitals Halloween costumes.  It also includes a blood drive.  So this weekend I made the trip to Charlotte, had lunch at Phil’s tavern, gave blood in a bloodmobile, and then  got all made up, my leg being my most noteworthy zombie wound (and doesn’t it look gruesome?).  A pretty good time overall and an impressive turnout- imagine seeing groups of zombies run into each other at cross streets.  The attendance estimate by the end was about 125 zombies- and on the way we even picked up a non-costumed participant, a guy who picked up our shuffle and ambled with us for several blocks.  I wonder if he had more important plans for the afternoon?  Then again, if it’s a zombie apocalypse, what are you gonna do?

Unfortunately, there was a big game at the stadium and traffic was packed on the road home, but after finding a good detour and getting home to have delicious meatball subs, I’m happy again.

I’ve had a busy weekend, and now I just have one more busy week to get through before we head home for Fall Break. I’m craving some time with my family and local friends & good food at my favorite Mexican restaurant, and looking forward to a follow-up appointment with my doctor so I can stop feeling so tired all the time 🙂 But today was a good day for fatigue, the first all week, and I’m thinking exercise does help, so…

motivate me?

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2 Responses to “RenFest and the Walking Dead”

  1. caesarinabox Says:

    Who likes zombies?

    <This guy.

  2. pernetteduguillet Says:

    You make a pretty awesome zombie. Maybe you should exercise by doing zombie shuffles every morning. 2 miles, at least. I’m kind of jealous, all I did this weekend was sit on the couch with my mother and watch an awful movie about a mail order bride in the wild west. Oh, and eat lots of candy.

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