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Sure to inspire...

Sure to inspire...

My “faithful” computer is buzzing its way to the end after more than three years,  and it has lived several months past its warranty.  This has me itching to spend money I don’t have on a netbook/mini.  My solution is to deny this urge as long as possible, while admitting that it is becoming a necessity rather than a whim.   My teaching courses require extensive use of excel, which I cannot install due to a broken optical drive.  I am running .doc and .ppt files rather than those annoying .docx that seem so pretentious and arrogant compared to their original counterparts.  As professors become less and less careful about posting documents with more compatible extensions,  I need to advance technologically.

Did I mention that “21st Century Teachers” all use technology effectively in their classroom?  Sometimes I feel like this term will be outdated before that’s universal. When I observe in local schools I see classrooms with Smartboards and Prometheans, but then across the hall some poor teacher is battling the afternoon sun in order to use an old school projector to put up grammar exercises that the students cannot see.  I have no idea where I’ll be teaching, so I may arrive in a technology-rich, grant-endowed classroom, or a decrepit classroom with a lopsided projector and wobbly desks.

I’m trying to be productive with my education coursework, trying to review my French and English skills, and trying to get back into the swing of writing regularly. I hope that this blog counts for something.

I am struggling to come up with a promising plot for NaNoWriMo, one that will finally yield me success.   I have determined that purchase of a new computer will only be allowed when I reach the 25,000 word mark, theoretically halfway through the month.  Hopefully, this will serve as a real motivator, and I’ll reap double benefits.

**While browsing writing software programs on a nano research jaunt I stumbled across a site called Wordle which takes text you type in and turns it into a picture.  Fun to toy with, certainly.

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2 Responses to “Writing, Education, Exploration”

  1. pernetteduguillet Says:

    Don’t know if it is worth trying now, but I’ve started using OpenOffice instead of MicroOffice and that comes with a form of excel. You can open things in it and save your files in ways that should be compatible with the other computers… I think that microsoft should also have things so you can open docx with normal doc programs… that’s what I was doing before my new computer. Good luck with nanowrimo

    • M Says:

      Thanks for the tip, but I hesitate to install anything else on this groaning machine. I do have a docx converter widget, but there is no point getting the other converters without the programs themselves- plus all the “tutorials” for class are in the 07 version, all in all, a tres disappointing result.

      Have you come up with a master plan yet?

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