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Today I had dinner at Panera for the first time in ages.  After moving I realized that my new abode is more than 20 miles away from any of these delicious chain restaurants, but today we made a jaunt a bit further, and there it was, gleaming in all its’ soupy glory.  I should clarify, perhaps, that my love for this place is the result of one menu item: Baked Potato Soup.  If they don’t have it, I generally won’t eat there, unless the Tomato Basil alternative is available.  The boyfriend finds this ridiculously picky, but I don’t want to pay 7$ for a soup and sandwich that I won’t definitely, ultimately enjoy. The sandwiches themselves don’t do as much for me and my taste buds.

I debated buying a to-go container of it, but will save that for next time. (Is 9.99 a good deal? I think so considering I spend at least 8$ if I eat in and could use that soup for several meals.)  In the meantime, I will continue searching for a good imitation recipe.  I make a mean cheesy potato soup, but this is a completely different taste I think.  In the meantime I have one container of frozen beef-vegetable-stew left, which my grandmother generously made for me. When that is gone, I think that my culinary adventures will resume.

Also, today a situation involving me getting ripped off for a movie theater ticket was rectified. (That’s another story). As a result, the boyfriend and I got free movie vouchers for the future as well as our choice of free tickets for a show this evening:

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was the first IMAX movie I’ve seen in a while, and wonderful in 3D.  I was very impressed by the movie, and it has way more depth than some of the other “children’s movies” I’ve been exposed to through many years of babysitting, especially as far as humor is concerned.  It was a great time, and I’d definitely recommend giving it a chance.  (*It was not, however, anything like the children’s book I remember my 2nd grade teacher reading.  It was so far from my memory though that it was an entirely different creation anyhow.)

On another note*, while waiting for the movie to start, I browsed at an entertainment store in the mall, and I was happy to discover several used CDs on sale.  I spent about 20$ on 5 cds with a lot of songs that have been lifetime favorites for me: 2 by Bonnie Raitt (Luck of the Draw and Nick of Time), one Natalie Imbruglia CD, an Indigo Girls album, and Steve Miller Band (Greatest Hits).  I probably could have found more given more time, though I was disappointed that there were no Lisa Loeb or Natalie Merchant albums in a similar price range. Better luck next time? I’m hoping to use the CDs I did purchase as my writing inspiration soundtracks once November arrives and NaNoWriMo begins.

*Pun intended.

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One Response to “Food, Movies, Music, and Entertainment”

  1. pernetteduguillet Says:

    Yay for Natalie Imbruglia! I need to pick up my short story writing again, to practice for nanowrimo… and get some work done before november, clear the decks for battle so to speak. I’ve fixed the link to you. I thought it was awfully sneaky of you to have a blog about your cat back in 2005 before he was even a twinkle in qui-grec-le’s eye…. Oh well.

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